Big Ben & Baby Ben Alarm Clocks

The perfect alarm clock is here: The classic Westclox Big Ben and Baby Ben wind up alarm clocks! No more waking up late for work because the light went out or your batteries died. Big Ben and Baby Ben wind up alarm clocks keep on ticking through the night, no matter what. Wind them up once a day and feel safe knowing you are going to wake up at the right time.

The original Big Ben clocks were made and sold from 1964 to 1981. You might remember this style from your parents or grandparents. Westclox has made a duplication of this wonderful vintage original 1964 Big Ben alarm clocks or Baby Ben alarm clocks. The case is the original design, yellow metal base and bezel. It has a vintage back and front with brownish numbers. The only difference in the 2 clocks is the size. Big Ben alarm clocks are 4 3/4 inches wide x 5 inches high. Baby Ben alarm clocks are 3 1/7 inches wide and 3 1/4 inches high. The Big Ben alarm rings at 84 db and Baby Ben alarm rings at 72 db for 10 seconds each. The mobility pattern has been modernized, but the rest is the same as the original Big Ben and Baby Ben alarm clocks.