Lighted Dial Alarm Clocks

The dark dial on some clocks is often unreadable in the dark, which may cause some users to lose track of time. The solution to this problem is one of our quality lighted dial alarm clocks, so that early risers can discreetly check the time without disturbing the room's other occupants.

Some of illuminated dial clocks are analog models with luminous hands and dials that light up on demand. Others feature the familiar glowing LED numerals. Some will even project the time on a flat surface so that the owner need not get out of bed to check the time. Voice controlled models say the time aloud, and they may recognize voice controls to tailor the clock's function to the needs of its owner. Whatever the need for an illuminated dial clock, one of these timepieces will fill the bill.

Alarm clocks are designed to get attention, to get a sleeper to wake up in time for daily activities. At the same time, a lighted dial alarm clock can make it easier to get up and away without disturbing anyone who is does not need to get up yet. Our line of quality alarms with luminous dials range from tiny travel clocks to full-sized clocks with numerals large enough for even those with poor vision to read. Just select the clock that fits your needs and complete our simple order process, and your clock will be in your hands within a very few days.
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