Teach Me Time Alarm Clock
Teach Me Time Alarm Clock
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Teach Me Time Alarm Clock



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Display Specs: High-contrast, backlit LCD with analog and digital clock displays; adjustable dual-level backlight brightness control (Low/High).

Nightlight Specs: Dual-color (yellow and green), soft-glow LED nightlight; adjustable dual-level brightness control (Off/Low/High); full timer control (time on, time off, optional color-change time).

Voice Details: High-quality, female speaking voice; adjustable volume (Off/Low/Medium/High); ability to announce time on demand (right toe).

Alarm Clock Specs: Single, daily alarm with 10-minute snooze function. "Ding-a-ling" alarm tone.

Teach Me Time! Game Details: Left toe button selects a time at random on the analog clock (digital clock hidden); Right toe button displays the digital time and announces the answer in a clear, female voice; 5 difficulty levels: (1-easy) Round hours only. (2) Round hours and half-hours only. (3) Round hours, half-hours and quarter-hours. (4) Round hours, half-hours, quarter-hours and 10-minute intervals. (5-hard) Any time may be displayed.

Power Requirements: Region-specific, safety-certified external AC adapter included; optional 2x AAA batteries (included); All functions operate on battery-only power with the exception of the LCD backlight and nightlight; External adapter is small for easy placement in tight locations (approximately 2.0in tall x 1.0in wide x 1.0in deep when installed in the outlet).

Color: White with interchangeable colored bezels (blue, pink & yellow included); White AC power adapter.

 Unboxed: 5.0in (127mm) x 4.1in (104mm) x 5.3in (135mm)
 (14 oz.)
 Boxed: 5.75in (146mm) x 6.5in (165mm) x 5.25in (133mm)
 (1 lb. 3 oz.)