How the Atomic Clock Works

Posted by Carlos on 5/29/2013 to Alarm Clocks
It is a common misconception that atomic clocks work from the same principles as the atomic bomb. This is not so, but it is an easily made mistake, because an atomic clock is a massive contraption that looks like it might be used as a weapon by some mad scientist. Atomic clocks are called such, because they have a terrifying accuracy that is achieved based on measurements of slight changes in the electrons that orbit the nucleus of an atom.

A Timely Gift for New Graduates

Posted by Bryan on 5/25/2013 to Alarm Clocks
New high school grads may think they are through with getting up for school... wrong. Here comes first day of college classes -- and now they have to be on time without Mom's help in the morning! That's why the Neverlate Alarm Clock makes a great graduation gift.

This Is Why You Need a Loud Or Vibrating Alarm Clock

Posted by Melissa on 3/28/2013 to Alarm Clocks
Let's face it, no one really likes to get up in the morning. Not only is getting up early in the morning unpleasant, it can prove to be extremely difficult.

Big Ben & Baby Ben Alarm Clocks: A History

Posted by Bryan on 3/21/2013 to Alarm Clocks
It has long been the standard in alarm clocks. Big Ben and Baby Ben alarm clocks bring to mind traditional simplicity and unerring reliability.
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